Competition Policy

The Vietnam Telecommunications Sector: Good Practices in Regulatory Reform in Relation to Competition Policy & Law Issues

This case study analyses how the telecom sector has been liberalized and reformed in Vietnam. From having a wholly government-owned monopoly to opening up the market, the reform road has been and remains paved with challenges. Results today are nevertheless encouraging, with prices having significantly dropped, wider choices for consumers, and private and foreign service providers finding it easier to enter and thrive in the industry.

This study is published as part of the “Support to Enhance Development of Trade in Services Negotiations” initiative jointly undertaken by ILEAP, CUTS International Geneva and the University of Sussex’s CARIS. It aims to contribute to the increased and more effective participation of Least Developed, Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries and their Regional Economic Communities in multilateral, regional and bilateral services trade negotiations.

The initiative promotes understanding among policy makers, regulators and negotiators about their services sectors and the role that trade negotiations can play in pursuing their strategic interests therein.