COVID-19 E-Commerce and the Digital Economy

Covid 19 and Digital Divide in Africa: What more needs to be done?

Technological advancements brought about by globalization have eased the means of doing business in both developing and developed countries. Such advancements are being used in the trade in goods and services which is often referred to as electronic commerce (e- commerce). Covid 19 has had a great impact on not only the traditional concept of trade but also on e- commerce. The restrictions of movement and imposition of lock down increased the need for e-commerce. While the use of internet has risen in an effort to curb the negative effects of corona virus, least developed countries and developing countries are lagging behind.This Note addresses the questions of howCovid 19 has affected the digital gap between developed and developing countries in relation to e-commerce and what measures developing and least developing countries are taking to reduce the gap. It concludes by offering some recommendations to enhance the participation of developing countries in the digital economy and e-commerce.