Climate Mitigation Food Security Trade Policy at Work

Climate, Food, Trade: Where is the Policy Nexus? – Kenya

For Kenya, besides the already well-documented relationship between climate change and food security, the study provides an intriguing insight into the climate change-trade nexus that had received less attention before. The study shows how carbon trading has been used to mitigate the increasing emissions of trade-induced greenhouse gases, examines how climate change has directly affected trade in various ways through its impact on various sectors of the economy, and explores the food security implications of Kenya’s dependence on food imports in the context of high international food prices. While the authors make clear that most linkages between trade and climate change provide opportunities for win-win solutions, they also stress that this is conditioned to an inclusive approach to policy response. This publication is part of a series of five country studies conducted in the EAC member countries Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.