climate-aware, trade-driven, food security-enhancing
agro-processing for East Africa

Towards Effective Implementation of the Industrial Policy for Agro-processing: Reaching out Agro-processors through a National Agro-processing Forum - Rwanda

This study was commissioned by ACORD Rwanda with support from CUTS International with a view of assessing the best ways of implementing Rwanda’s industrial policy for agro-processing and purposely to bring on board the views of key players and stakeholders countrywide, especially those who are directly involved in agro-processing, to work together and to be coordinated within National Agro-processing Forum (NAPF). The study proposes the main features of a National Agro Processing Forum (NAFP), including its mandate, objectives, composition, institutional framework and thematic areas to be covered towards promoting climate-aware, trade-driven and food security-enhancing agro-processing development.

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