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Leveraging Technology Development and Transfer to Tackle Climate Change

Within the UNFCCC process, the Conference of the Parties confirmed the importance of enhancing climate technology development and transfer to developing countries, establishing a Technology Mechanism in 2010.

The Paris Agreement commits nations to ‘strengthen cooperative action’ on climate technology, and introduces both a ‘long-term vision’ on technology’s contribution to climate resilience and mitigation and a ‘technology framework’ to guide the work of the Climate Convention’s existing Technology Mechanism.

Leveraging technology development and transfer to tackle climate change: Views from EAC agro-industries

Agro-processors used technologies to tackle climate change in the EAC, but those are often very basic mechanisms at plant and processing levels. The interviewees stated that they need more mitigation and adaptation technologies, since the very initial stage of establishing a processing site. They need more technology to improve energy efficiency, manage water use, information and communication mechanisms, etc. One commonality was the factethat private sector representatives, mainly agro-processors were not aware if the possible support provided by the UNFCCC. Hence they recommended awareness raising on those available support, more collaboration between public and private stakeholders on technology issues, reducing the cost of accessing the technologies, and enhancing capacity of national research institutions on technology.

An issue note titled “Technology Mechanism: Where are the UNFCC parties at and where they should aim to go to better support LDCs & developing countries?” was shared and focused on the state of technology development & transfer in the UNFCCC framework, before and after the Paris agreement and COP22, then looked at the challenges of current technology mechanisms in place as well as presented possible alternatives and opportunities. This paper concluded with some recommendations to climate negotiators going to COP23, especially developing countries and LDCs negotiators (including EAC representatives).

One of the negotiators admitted that UNFCCC is yet to provide support to the most needed parts of the EAC population. The challenge is how enhance access to appropriate technologies related to agriculture and agro-industry, allowing to create value addition in those sectors. It was recommended to (i) push for full implementation of the UNFCCC technology mechanism, building knowledge and enhancing access; (ii) to establish a window at the GCF or other funding sources on technology, and; (iii) to develop capacities at the EAC level, especially of key players of the industry, including marginalized groups.

The issue of funding kept coming back to allow for relevant technological support to be implemented in the region. Funds that might also help in raising awareness for agro-entrepreneurs to be able to access the UNFCCC and other technology support. Local investors should be encouraged to fund climate-friendly technology projects/initiatives as well.

Discussions and Way Forward

CUTS would like to support EAC negotiators when developing their UNFCCC submissions. This was discussed with some of the negotiators who offered to send CUTS their draft submissions for inputs. CUTS will be glad to support you in you submissions' making process. Please get in contact with Leslie ( if you want to discuss this more in details, and find avenues on how to operationalize this support.


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