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Suddha Chakravartti


Dr. Chakravartti joined as the Director of CUTS International Geneva in May 2023, bringing over 15 years of experience in international affairs, public policy, sustainability issues, and the intersection between business and society. His extensive track record includes research, teaching, academic management, mentoring, and consulting among others. Prior to joining CUTS, Suddha was the Head of Research at the EU Business School group. He has an undergraduate degree in law from NALSAR University, India, and a master and doctorate in International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Email: suc@cuts.org

Peter Mutiso Maundu

Senior Research Associate

Peter is a Senior Research Associate at CUTS International Geneva and a DBA research fellow at the EU Business School. He has completed two master's courses: one in digital business and the other in research methods. For his undergraduate degree, he specialised in economics, sociology, and mathematics. Previously, he worked as a banker, teacher, and researcher in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has published several journal articles. His research interests include community development, climate change and society, digital trade, food security, and peacebuilding.

Josiane Rufener

Administrative Officer

Josiane Rufener has supported the work of CUTS International, Geneva since 2008. Priorly she worked for various private companies in Geneva, including V.Ships International and Du Pont de Nemours S.A International. As a citizen of Switzerland and France she is fluent in French and English.

Email: geneva@cuts.org

Farrukh Moriani

Senior Research Fellow

Farrukh Moriani is an international advisor with diverse cross-sector experience. He has worked in-country in 17 countries and with more than 100 governments in all. His work focuses on governance, economic and trade policy, the SDGs, and political economy. Mr. Moriani was part of the Pakistan civil service for over a decade, serving on key policy and management positions including as Chief of Staff to the Governor of the central bank, and has worked with the UN in various senior roles, including as Advisor to the Chair of the G77 and China. He has also worked extensively with various multilateral and bilateral organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, DFID, the EU, as well as with private sector and civil society.