Our Team

Rashid S. Kaukab

Executive Director

Rashid S. Kaukab joined CUTS International, Geneva at its beginnings in 2008. Previously he worked for the South Centre, the Pakistan Mission to the UN and WTO in Geneva and as a Senior Expert for UNCTAD. He holds a MBA from Yale University, US and an MA in Economics from Karachi University, Pakistan. His expertise and interests include trade and development, WTO and regional trade agreements, trade in services, regulatory reform and competition and climate change linkages.

Email: rsk@cuts.org

Josiane Rufener

Administrative Officer

Josiane Rufener has supported the work of CUTS International, Geneva since 2008. Priorly she worked for various private companies in Geneva, including V.Ships International and Du Pont de Nemours S.A International. As a citizen of Switzerland and France she is fluent in French and English.

Email: geneva@cuts.org

Julien Grollier

Senior Programme Officer

Julien Grollier joined CUTS International, Geneva in 2011 after finishing his Master Studies in Applied Languages and International Affairs at the University of La Rochelle, France. Besides project design and management, he has expertise in advocacy planning, public relations and information technology. A native French speaker, Julien is fluent in English and Spanish.

Email: jg@cuts.org

Leslie Sajous

Programme Officer

Leslie Debornes has been a Research Associate CUTS International, Geneva since October 2014. She holds a Bachelor in Public International Law and a Masters degree in International Relations and Social Economy from the Institut Catholique de Paris. Among her areas of interest are economic empowerment, environment, and human rights.

Email: ldb@cuts.org

Yasmin Ismail

Programme Officer

Yasmin is a Programme Officer at CUTS International Geneva. She previously worked as a Project Manager at a UK-based International Consultancy firm, and as a an International Cooperation specialist for the Government of Egypt. Yasmin holds two Masters’ degrees in Economics of Development and in International and European Law from the University of Grenoble-Alpes in France. Her research interests include the WTO institutional reform, new issues under the WTO, particularly e-commerce and the African Integration.

Email: y.sismail9@gmail.com