Welcome to the EIF sPokes capacity-building module!

This module has been designed by CUTS International for EIF National Implementation Units who wish to improve the participation of Non-State Actors in their activities and in trade-related public-private dialogues more generally. This will help EIF National Implementation Arrangements (NIAs), and the National Steering Committee (NSC), to drive forward a country-owned and sustainable EIF delivery by achieving inclusive participatory engagement of NSAs, particularly the private sector.

While implementing this module, you will undertake a range of activities that will culminate in the collaborative development of a roadmap to address country-specific challenges to NSAs engagement in the EIF and similar initiatives. A step-by-step methodology for you to follow is provided in the "In Practice" section. The process involves, inter-alia:

  • Mapping: Mapping relevant stakeholders
  • Outreach: Starting reach out initiatives such as maintaining a mailing list, creating a simple website and setting up an online forum
  • Assessment: Surveying stakeholders towards compiling their experiences in an assessment report
  • Engagement towards a Roadmap: Engaging them in a workshop setting to sensitize them about the importance of trade mainstreaming and towards developing a roadmap for enhancing the participation of NSAs in the EIF.
  • Implementation:Implementing the adopted roadmap

The module draws from the experience gained from a pilot period of one year during which the module was implemented in Zambia, Nepal, and Burkina Faso. This helped elaborating best practices that have been compiled in the “EIF Guidebook on Effective Engagement of NSAs”, accessible under the "Guidebook" section.

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They Say

“We are excited to see that the process has come to its fruition. Indeed the substance of the findings and analysis of the study will go a long way in terms of helping stakeholders sharpen their engagement in the EIF process in Zambia. I must also hasten to say that [CUTS International has] an excellent team and our engagement and discussions were professional and as such we have been able to reach this far together.”

Kelvin Kamayoyo, NIU Zambia

“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with [CUTS International], and we hope to have other opportunities for collaboration”

Sériba Ouattara, NIU Burkina Faso