climate-aware, trade-driven, food security-enhancing
agro-processing for East Africa

In the EAC region, fish resources, which support the livelihood of millions of people, have been largely exploited due to overfishing and illegal fishing activities of other countries, especially in the deep-waters off the coast of Kenya and Tanzania. This note explores how the region can benefit from the multilateral trade negotiations at the WTO to further strengthen the disciplines on fisheries subsidies and to manage its marine resources more efficiently.
This paper provides a brief overview of the negative impact of trade-distorting domestic support on the agriculture sector in the East African Community (EAC), and how multilateral trade negotiations could be leveraged to reduce the global level of such support so as to boost the agricultural development plans in East Africa.
Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and regional integration arrangements are increasingly covering trade and investment. It is likely that such issues would be explored for negotiations within WTO. This brief note takes a historical review of negotiations to regulate foreign investment at the multilateral level. The overarching objective is to provide the context for any future negotiations in this regard at the WTO.
This note will focus on the state of technology development & transfer in the UNFCCC framework, before and after the Paris agreement and COP22, then looking at the challenges of current technology mechanisms in place as well as presenting possible alternatives and opportunities. This paper will be concluded with some recommendations to climate negotiators going to COP23, especially developing countries and LDCs negotiators (including EAC representatives).
At the WTO, government procurement is increasingly attracting attention in the negotiations. The main goal of liberalising procurement is to promote competition among local and international suppliers of various goods and services in order to obtain the best value for money. This note explores the implications of commitments to liberalising this important area of government business, including the likely advantages and disadvantages based on existing literature on the subject.
Working towards more and better climate adaptation finance would require scaling up and easing their access to existing funds, particulartly those dedicated to adaptation.
This paper aims to inform the finalisation of Kenya’s National Trade Policy, by suggesting trade provisions that can support climate-aware agro-processing development in the country.
This note examines the potential or likely trade impacts from implementing East African Community (EAC) Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) on the economies of the EAC partner states. It begins with general background information on INDCs followed by an overview of EAC INDCs. Thereafter it looks at the potential positive and negative impacts of EAC INDCs on trade and concludes with recommendations on way forward.
This paper reviews such provisions by analysing climate issues discussed at the WTO as well as trade elements in multilateral climate talks, making a case for taking their linkages into account across multilateral fora.
This briefing paper examines how trade can be used as a tool to promote gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.
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