Building Trust and Convergence towards Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System

About the Project

These are critical years for the multilateral trading system as WTO members try to get the negotiating back on track while the regional and plurilateral trade-related negotiations seem to take the centre stage. Both developing and developed countries must confront the core issues that have divided them so for and build the necessary trust to find creative solutions for the multilateral trading system to remain relevant. Through monthly informal meetings, this CUTS’ initiative strives to positively contribute towards convergence on a balanced WTO Work Programme, as WTO negotiators from both developing and developed countries would build greater trust with each other and increase their capacities through exchanges and technical inputs, thus leading to a successful MC 11 next year.

Since early 2015, CUTS International Geneva has facilitated the establishment and functioning of an informal, small caucus of World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiators representing smaller developing and developed countries with a view to building trust among them as well as convergence towards the development of a balanced WTO Work Programme. More specifically, the initiative helps developed and developing country members to:

  • Improve communications and interactions with each other, thus reducing the trust deficit
  • Identify issues where convergence is possible
  • Discuss realistic ways forward for building convergence

This initiative has been developed keeping in mind existing efforts by other IGOs and NGOs and with a view to complementing them by filling important gaps.

Key features


Building trust and convergence among WTO Memebers towards the development of a balanced WTO Work Programme


July 2015 - Open Ended


Smaller developed WTO Members

Smaller developing WTO Members





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