East Africa to sign partnership with the US

NBS. Mar. 7, 2014

Uganda and other East African Community member states are to sign a partnership with the United States of America through which climate change adaptation will be tackled. The new partnership is aimed at improving trade and agriculture within the region.

Uganda was a beneficiary in the United States of America's African Growth Opportunity Act. The country however failed to live up to expectations, failing to deliver the required goods in the quotas provided to it.

Negotiations are to go on till May, when the partners will meet in Dar el Salam to take stock of the available clauses.

It is hoped the partnership will enable East African Community member states to improve trade and food security in the region.

These aspects were reached upon during the national forum on climate change organized by cuts international Geneva, and SEATINI-Uganda.

Uganda mainly exports its agricultural commodities to South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and other overseas countries including China, India and the United Arab Emirates. Major crops include coffee, maize and food crops.

The sector has however been hit by climatic change in the past few years. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, climate change has greatly affected crop production, partly causing increments in food crop prices.

Experts argue government must come out strong to tackle climate change, failure of which Uganda's export earnings will be affected.

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