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Development of agriculture in Africa requires a multi-pronged approach combining policy and practice, private and public partnership, and national and multilateral synergies. A key aspect of this approach relates to the creation and nurturing of an enabling environment both at the national and multilateral levels for framer-friendly agricultural development that is led by the private sector.

Based on CUTS own long experience of work in Africa, CUTS is undertaking the Facilitating Equitable Agricultural Development (FEAD) Project in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda by undertaking policy-oriented research and targeted advocacy, supported and strengthened through national and international networks.

Research and analysis gaps pertain to the identification of causes, and the solutions, to the lack of a policy and practice environment in project countries that can encourage private sector investment in agriculture while ensuring that the subsistence and small farmers benefit from such investment. Similarly, advocacy gaps arise due to limited understanding of relevant issues and minimal interaction between private sector and farmers' organizations.

The long term objectives of this project are to develop an enabling environment for private sector led and farmer-friendly agricultural development, as well as to strengthen the grassroots links of CUTS in Africa that will enable it to be a sustained and strong pro trade, pro equity credible Southern NGO voice in Geneva.

Key features


Developing an enabling environment for private sector-led and farmer-friendly agricultural development, while strengthening the grassroots links of CUTS in Africa.


April 2011 – March 2013 (completed)


USD 600,000


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda


Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF, Tanzania)

Southern and Eastern African Trade Information Negotiations Institute (SEATINI, Uganda)

CUTS Africa Resource Center, Nairobi (Kenya)




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